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Drug Crimes

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Even though California is considered to be a progressive state, her drug laws are fairly harsh. The District Attorney’s Office and law enforcement attack drug crimes aggressively and the State will be looking for a conviction. However, under the Fourth Amendment, you have the right to be protected against unreasonable search and seizures of your home, your property, and your person. Any evidence that was seized without probable cause or a warrant, can be deemed inadmissible and excluded. In drug crime cases, the drugs are usually the evidence. A successful challenge in the way evidence was obtained by law enforcement will significantly weaken their case.

As a former Senior Deputy District Attorney with 25 years of experience with Criminal Law, Cameron Talley is well versed in the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments. Mr. Talley has a comprehensive understanding of the Criminal Justice System as well as the expertise, knowledge, and is courtroom savvy to provide his clients with the best possible defense.



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