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Cameron J Talley Case Results
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Case No. 17CM1xxxx
People V. Nxxxxx xxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxxxxx


DISMISSED – Petty Theft – Orange, California. Our client was charged with stealing and driving away the personal property of a supermarket. After Mr. Talley attended several Court hearings, the disposition was for People’s to dismiss entire complaint.

DR No. 17-xxxx
Mxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Pxxxx


NOT FILED – Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs – Orange, CaliforniaOur client was arrested in the front porch of his home. He had taken prescribed medication and was having an allergic reaction to the medication he had taken. When he was feeling abnormal he immediately asked his neighbor to call paramedics. Moreover, paramedics did not arrive at the scene, the police did. Police alleged that our client was high and drunk and did not need to go to the hospital. Our client was taken to police department and he still insisted in getting medical assistance, but it was denied. After several attempts of insisting police that he needed medical aid, he finally was taken to the hospital. Mr. Talley wrote a persuasive letter to the District Attorney’s Office to prevent a complaint from being filed and we successfully achieved the resolution we were fighting for.

Case No. 17V00xxxx
Respondent V. Vxxx xxxxxx Pxxxxxxx


DENIED – Restraining Order – Orange, California. Our client maintained that he had done nothing to intimidate or coerce the accuser. We responded to the temporary restraining order and appeared at the hearing. Needless to say, the Court declined to extend the Order against our client.

Case No. 18HM0xxxx
People V. Gxxxxxx xxx Nxxxxx


Drug Possession – Orange, California.After our client, a young man, was charged with multiple drug charges and had priors of a 245(a)(4) PC Assault with force likely to produce GBI, he was in the verge of being incarcerated for two years in state prison on a probation violation over the objection of District Attorney’s Office and Probation Department. Mr. Talley successfully, convinced the Honorable Judge (Mr. Talley tried death penalty cases with the Judge) to give him the opportunity to leave jail and enter inpatient drug treatment program that would help him overcome a drug dependency and aid him through recovery. Client was successfully admitted into the adult rehabilitation center with no additional time. Upon successful completion the probation violation will be dismissed.DR No. 18-6xxxx

DR No. 18-6xxxx
Sxxxxx xxxxxxx Rxxxxx


NOT FILED – Domestic Violence – Orange, California. A family dispute between spouses cause the wife to be arrested and booked in to the local police department. Following the incident, the client was being intimidated by investigators, they were visiting her at her home and terrifying her. After Mr. Talley made several calls to the investigator persuading him to not file charges, the investigator finally agreed, and no charges were filed against our client.

Case No. 16HM0xxxx
People V. Exxxxxxxx Axxxx


Driving Under the Influence of Drugs – Orange, California. Client did not comply with an order of the Court. A warrant of arrest notice was issued on the client’s behalf. Mr. Talley appeared at the Superior Court. The Court notified the client of grounds for probation violation. Mr. Talley successfully reinstated the client back into the program and the warrant of arrest was recalled.

Case No. 18V00xxxx
People V. Lxxxxx xxxx Axxxxxxxxxx


NOT FILED and DENIED – Domestic Violence / Restraining Order- Orange, California.Client was arrested in 2018 and booked on charges of felony domestic violence ( PC 273.5 ). Client immediately retained Cameron Talley Criminal Defense, APC, whom then contacted the Senior Deputy District Attorney at the Branch Court in charge of filing such cases and convinced Senior Deputy District Attorney not to file the case. The accuser, however, filed a domestic violence restraining order in Family Court. Mr. Talley cross-examined the accuser at the hearing and exposed that she was lying about the incident. The Court DENIED the accusers request to extend the Order against our client

Case No. 16WM0xxxx
People V. Txx Sxxxxxx


DISMISSED – Domestic Violence – Orange, California. Our client was charged with one count of domestic violence and one count of false imprisonment. His ex-wife produced photographs depicting injuries she claimed resulted from violence by our client. These were introduced at trial. Our client’s second ex-wife also testified and produced photographs depicting injuries. Our client had a prior domestic violence conviction that Mr. Talley convinced the Judge should not be introduced at trial. Mr. Talley prevented the jury from convicting our client. The trial resulted in a hung jury, favoring our client 8 to 4 in favor of a not guilty verdict. After trial the District Attorney dismissed all charges and our client is a free man whom never served a single day in jail.

Case No. 16WM1xxxx & 17HMxxxx
People V. Axxxxxxxx Oxxxxx


DISMISSED – Drug Possession – Orange, California. After filing a motion with the Court to suppress evidence resulting from the client’s arrest on the grounds that the vehicle the client was driving and his person were searched without a warrant, without probable cause, and without the client’s consent, the evidence alleged to have been seized was suppressed due to the fruits of the unlawful seizure. All charges on both cases were successfully dismissed by Motion of People.

Case No. CMC2017061xxxx
People V. Cxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx


JUVENILE. Charged as a Juvenile with three (3) strikes looking at three years in state prison. He was in custody when we took the case from the last lawyer. Mr. Talley obtained a very successful outcome. Our client got zero additional time and plead to only one strike.

Case No. 17V00xxxx
Respondent V. Sxxxx xxxxxx Mxxxx


DENIED – Restraining Order – Orange, California. A dispute between girlfriend and boyfriend whom lived together. Accuser alleged that our client was using coercive language and was threating her. Family Court eventually denied complaint on the Order against our client.

Case No. 17HM0xxxx
People V. Jxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx Wxxxxx


DISMISSED – Possession of Controlled Substance – Orange, California. Client was charged with possession of a controlled substance. Deputy District Attorney did not find sufficient evidence to charge our client. Case dismissed by Motion of People. Subsequently, client retained Mr. Talley for a second time to aid him in a petition for dismissal for a DUI case. The expungement was successfully granted by the Court in Los Angeles County.

Case No. xxxxxxxxx
People V. Dxxxx Mxxxxx


NOT FILED. Client’s company was being investigated by the US Attorney’s Office as well as privately by a Major Health Insurance Company. The client faced civil exposure in the millions, and more importantly, the client faced potential criminal charges of racketeering and money laundering and years in federal prison. Mr. Talley met with the investigator of the insurance company and subsequently met with the assistant U.S. Attorney and the FBI agents. To date, the insurance company has taken no action against the client and the US Attorney’s Office has not filed charges against our client and pursue him as mainly a witness to the case.

Case No. RIF170xxxx
People V. Lxxxxxxx xxxx Sxxxxxxx


PROGRAM (Domestic Violence) – Riverside, California. Client was arrested on a Felony Domestic Violence charge, facing a total exposure in Valley State Prison. Client recruited Mr. Talley to come to Riverside County to defend his case. After successfully negotiating with the Deputy District Attorney, the client faced zero jail time with a plea to domestic violence and will successfully complete a 52-week domestic violence program.

Case No. 30-2011-xxxxxxxx
Plaintiff V. Cxxxx xxxxx, et al.


SETTLEMENT – Judgment – San Francisco, California. A default judgement was entered by the Superior Court of Orange County against the client for the involvement in a scheme to defraud Company. Our client was ordered to pay reparation for damages for his role in the fraud to the Plaintiff in the amount of $1,996,202.56. After successful visits at the Plaintiff’s firm in San Francisco, the Judgment creditor accepted a settlement payment of $250,000.00.

Case No. 13HFxxxx
People V. Jxxxx xxxxxxxx Mxxxxx


NOT GUILTY – Domestic Violence – Orange, California. MMA fighter and UFC Star found not guilty of domestic violence after two weeks in trial. The fighter was accused of beating his girlfriend in 2013. Mr. Talley walked the client out the door with a NOT GUILTY verdict on all counts!

Case No. C1609xxxx
People V. Vxxx xxx Vx


DISMISSED – Sex Crime – Santa Clara, California. Client charged with eight counts of child molestation ( PC 288(b)(1) ) and facing life in prison. Client recruited Cameron Talley to fight case. After Mr. Talley filed several motions and put on a vigorous and aggressive defense at the preliminary hearing, Mr. Talley announced and communicated to the Deputy District Attorney that he was prepared to take the case to trial. The Court and Deputy District Attorney concluded to dismiss all charges against the client whom today is a free man and never served a day in jail.

Case No. xxxxxxxx
People V. M*** S****


NOT GUILTY – Domestic Violence – Los Angeles, California. Drummer for rock group Guns N’ Roses was arrested on domestic violence in Hollywood, CA. At trial, our client obtained a NOT GUILTY verdict on all counts. Mr. Talley walked him out the door.



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